Tasting Tones


Tasting Tones will bring virtuous live music and tasty Mediterranean cuisine directly to your house. Antonis and Roberto will astonish you by playing live music and preparing tasty recipes in combination with good wines.

For us nothing is complementary, everything is equally important: listen to music as a private and intimate concert will guide you through a culinary journey between Italian and Greek foods.

The concept of Tasting Tones is inspired by the ancient Greek Symposium, a party where guests, drunk, ate, listened music, discussed about philosophy and debated in an informal atmosphere. Our modern interpretation of Symposium is strongly connected to the idea of making art out of our lives: it’s an alive representation of our work.



The Greek cellist Antonis Pratsinakis and the Italian saxophonist Roberto Genova form together the Cseallox duo. They both graduated at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and they collaborate with many important musical institutions.

The music during the Symposio consists out three parts: stimulating modern sounds, classical solo pieces and for the end of the dinner a selection of Greek and Italian folk songs arranged by the duo to conclude the evening. It is not intended as background music, but as a little precious concert to be purely listened and enjoyed in an informal atmosphere.



Mix right ingredients and flavors to find the perfect balance it’s somehow connected to make music and that’s probably why our rehearsals begin or/and end as ritual in the kitchen.

Before and after getting our instruments or open a discussion we find ourselves in the kitchen: rehearsal-vocabulary starts mixing with cooking-terms! As an excellent amateur cook and after cooking plenty of dinners for our (happy) friends, we decided to explore deeper our strong Greek/Italian culinary tradition with passion and dedication.

We finally get to three different menus – fish, meat, vegetarian – that are now part of Symposium. To prepare our Greek – Italian dishes we only use first choice selected ingredients and we combine each menu with a selection of Italian wine.